The Legend

The Legend

Gems and jewels have long invoked the passions of women and men. And with jewellery by P.P. Jewellers, desire knows no bounds. Upholding a lineage of over 40 glorious years, P.P. Jewellers is synonymous with couture, traditional and contemporary jewellery. Blending India's legendary jewel craftsmanship with diamonds, gems, and stones, the brand has earned an esteemed reputation for crafting pieces of rare beauty and timeless elegance.

To craft the perfect ornament, an in-house team of highly proficient designers is engaged. Innovation and meticulous attention to detail have been their strengths, enabling quality that is truly superlative. Their expertise extends to an exquisite collection of diamond solitaires, exotic diamond jewellery, & precious stones and even contemporary everyday-wear pieces.

India's jewelled legacy is as spectacular as it is diverse, and to foster it, designs from different regions of India are featured here. These include Calcutta, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Rajkot, Jaipur and Bikaner - aptly reflecting the craftsmanship of the region.

International prestige and repute has also found its way to the brand aplenty and is proud to have received many an accolade for various achievements. P.P. Jewellers has garnered fierce loyalty over the years and is considered among the finest couturiers in India.