Jewellery Care

A woman's jewellery collection mirrors her personality and holds cherished creations. Ensure longevity and luster with these care tips:

Gold & Diamond Jewellery

  • Maintain shine by cleaning with warm water and dish solution weekly.
  • Gently wipe surfaces with a soft cloth to preserve their beauty.
  • Shield from perfume damage; avoid exposure to fragrances.
  • Store precious pieces separately in an airtight box or zip-lock bag for prolonged shine and cleanliness.

Silver Jewellery Care

Silver jewelry possesses a gentle sheen, prone to tarnishing without proper care. Ensure its radiance by following these steps.

  • Take it off before washing or sweating.
  • Skip perfume, lotion, or sunscreen after wearing.
  • Avoid bumps, grinding, or fire exposure.
  • Remove before bedtime.
  • Clean gently with a soft cloth—no chemicals.
  • Store in plastic, not velvet.