India's Gurugram coronavirus update: Covid positivity rate drops to 1.63%
The Covid-19 positivity rate in Gurugram district has come down to 1.63 per cent from 34.9 per cent within 32 days. Similarly, the recovery rate has also increased to 98.79 per cent, a district administration official has said.
A district administration spokesperson said that in order to break the chain of coronavirus infection, the state government initially decided to impose a weekend lockdown in 9 districts of Haryana state including Gurugram. On April 30, the government had imposed a weekend lockdown for 2 days.
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"The positivity rate of Gurugram was 34.9 per cent on that day and there were 4,435 active cases in 24 hours. The doubling rate was 23.35 days and the growth rate of corona infection was 3.60 percent. At that time the recovery rate of the district was 69.76%. To reduce the rate of this infection, an action plan was prepared as per the guidelines of the state government," he said on Wednesday.
Image Sources : Forbesindia